michael protic
I currently work as part of a team at McLean Bible Church to design print and web media for retreats, campaigns, and sermon series. I create logos and branding for new ministries. I also design grids and layouts for booklets and Bible study materials, working with content in multiple languages. 
I'm from the northern Virginia area and I currently work out of Leesburg. My favorite style to work in is minimal, clean, and modern, but it depends on what the client wants and what the project needs. In my free time I enjoy strategy games, night photography, and making massive Spotify playlists.
I'd also like to introduce my three favorite dogs in the whole world. Lincoln, Penny, and Liberty.
Deep thinker, loyal friend, and captain of the front door guard.
Brave explorer, hoarder of toys, and undisputed hide and seek champion.
Kissing machine, ankle-nibbler, and occasional chewer of things that should definitely NOT be chewed.